How do I know if my child is ready for Sea Lions?

Each swimmer age 6 or older will take a swim test on their first day of practice, which is the same day as registration. The coach will ask swimmers to swim one Iength of the pool (25 yards) freestyle. Then they can rest and should be able to swim another length in backstroke. Swimmers should be somewhat confident swimming down and back unassisted. 


What happens if my child doesn’t pass the swim test?

If we determine at the first practice that your swimmer isn’t quite ready for regular swim practice, we will return your money and wait for your child to get a bit more confident in the pool. We encourage swimmers to look to the City swim lessons or other sources for some beginner swim lessons, then please come back and try again!


What gear does my swimmer need?

Plan to send your child with a swimsuit that is comfortable and won’t slip down or fall off (does not have to be a competition suit). We usually offer team suits for sale in the fall session, but these suits are not mandatory. Goggles are sold at Dunhams or other sporting good stores and decent ones cost about $15. You can buy cheaper ones at discount stores but often these won’t be as water-tight. has some good deals. We will provide all other equipment that your swimmer needs. And it’s great to have flip-flops or sandals and a towel! 


How can I help?

We love parent volunteers! Please ask any of the coaches or Board members you see around the pool if you’d like to be involved with the club. We will send emails with specific requests for help for swim meets and events. We can always use timers at home swim meets. 


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