Sea Lions Scholarship Fund


We are very excited to start this scholarship program to help get more kids in the pool!

Using donor gifts and available Sea Lions funds, our goal is to accept at least three applications per swim session. Number may vary based on available funds. Each scholarship will cover full swim fees for one session, and will also include a team suit, team cap, and a pair of goggles. Your application will be anonymous to all but the Board President and Treasurer, who handle team records and finances. The team Board may help evaluate responses, but will not see your name or your child's name. No financial information will be requested. You may submit one application for multiple swimmers in one household.


Heidi is in the center of the top row
Heidi is in the center of the top row


Any donations will go directly to our scholarship program to help sponsor a swimmer who may not otherwise be able to join our team.

We are honored to receive any swim scholarship donations in memory of Heidi Scranton, to whom swimming was such an important part of her life. Heidi started in Sea Lions as an 8-and-under during the 1977-78 season, with coaches Goins, Martindale, Stratton, Munger, Jan (Newhall) Simmons, and Gavenda. She continued swimming in high school under coaches Makarauskas and Meyer. She made lifelong friends on both teams and fondly recalled many fun years in Sea Lions. Please note Heidi's name with any donations made in her memory.


Donations by check can be made out to St. Johns Sea Lions and mailed to:

800 South US 27 #108, St. Johns, MI 48879


If you would rather pay with cash, please email to make arrangements. If you would like to pay online, please see the link at the bottom of this page.



Please follow the same instructions above, but include a note with your donation to let us know if there is someone you would like to honor or memorialize with your generous donation.

Any donation amount welcome. For reference, Sea Lions costs $15/week, or $240 for fall session and $120 for winter/summer sessions.


Click the link below to donate with Credit Card of via PayPal.


Register for the session first. Our swim sessions fill up, so sign up as soon as sessions open to get on the list. Fall session registration is currently full, but click HERE to join the wait list! To then apply for the scholarship program, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We ask a few questions to help evaluate applications, as we may not be able to accept all applications for each swim session.

If you didn't register in time for fall session, we will keep your application on file for the next swim session.

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