Swimmer Awards

2018 - 8 & Under
Swimmer of the Year:  Elizabeth Murray
Most Improved: Savannah Butler
Coaches Award: Sarah Harden

2018 Ages 9-10
Swimmer of the Year: Natalie Ott
Runner Up:
Samantha Hallead

Most Improved:
Callie Morrison

Coaches Award (Girls):
Maddie Sweckard

Coaches Award (Boys):
Jackson Armstrong

2018 Ages 11-12
Swimmer of the Year:
Lilly Howell

Runner Up:
Alyvia Spousta

Most Improved (Girls):
Mallory Morrison

Most Improved (Boys):
Preston Longoria

2018 Ages 13-14
Swimmer of the Year:
Max Leasher

Most Improved:
Samuel Harden

2018 State Qualifiers
Max Leasher, Koy Grams, Alyvia Spousta, Natalie Ott, Preston Langoria, Elizabeth Murray, Lilly Howell, Sarah Harden, Mallory Morrison.

Not Pictured: Karissa Greider, Madi Kotowicz