Updated 10/29/23

What is Sea Pups?

Sea Pups is a program for swimmers age 5-8 who are not yet ready for Sea Lions. The goal of the Sea Pups program is to work with children over an approximate 6 week period to get them comfortable in the pool, with the end result that they are ready to swim one length of the pool freestyle and one length backstroke. This means they would pass the try out process and be ready for Sea Lions Developing level!

Sea Pups coaches get right in the water with the kids. We hire experienced high school swimmers for this job, and provide them a program of skills to help new swimmers build confidence and technique.

Please note that we have brought back this program after a long hiatus, and it is very popular! We're working through the details to make it successful, and making adjustments as we go. 


What are the requirements to join Sea Pups?

The program is for swimmers age 5-8. We may have a brief swim test before accepting swimmers, to place kids with others of similar ability. Sea Pups registration fee is currently $90, or $15/week. If cost is an issue, please see our scholarship page for more information.


When do Sea Pups practice?

Sea Pups sessions run for 6 weeks, and are Mondays and Wednesdays from either 6-6:30PM or 6:30-7PM in Lane 00 of the high school pool. See the team calendar for currently scheduled sessions.


What if my Sea Pup graduates, but the next session of Sea Lions isn't starting anytime soon?

We are working on a potential Sea Pups II class of Sea Pups graduates who would like some pool time between the end of their first Sea Pups class and the next Sea Lions try-out. If we can find appropriate staffing for this class, Sea Pups graduates will be notified of this option. Sea Pups II would likely run on Mondays and Wednesday from 7-7:30PM.


What happens if my swimmer needs more practice after their first Sea Pups session?

Assuming there is space, you can re-enroll your Sea Pups as many times as needed until the swimmer is able to graduate to the next swim level. Please note that the program has been extremely popular, and we currently have a waiting list through the end of January 2024.


How do I start?

If you're interested in the program, join our wait list! Sign up any time, and you'll be emailed when we start planning our next session. Currently we are full through January 2024, but if a spot opens up you will be notified.