Team Pictures

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Sea Lion 2021 Team Photos

Monday, February 1st or Tuesday February 2nd

Sea Lions,

We are excited to let you know that we will be offering photos by Josh Ortman, Ortman Production, Inc. this season. Mr. Ortman is the official photographer for the St. Johns Redwing High School Athletics and does amazing individual and team photos.

Photos will be taken individually during practice and swimmers can choose to stay in the water or pose on deck.  The team photo will be created from a combination of all the individual photos.  Photos will take place at both the 6pm and 7pm times during the two days.  Please plan to attend at least one of the days.

Photos will be taken of each swimmer even if you choose not to order any of the packages.  Below is the link to online ordering and printable forms.  Parents can start ordering now or bring a printed form on the day of the shoot as well.  If you have any questions or suggestions on different photos, items or packages that you would like please let us know and we can forward your questions on to Mr. Ortman.

Go Sea Lions!