Strength Training

Sea Lions,

We will once again be starting strength training in the weight room tonight at 6:15.  All Advanced and Elite swimmers are welcome to participate.  *Strength training is not required.  We believe it is beneficial to our swimmers, but it is not for everyone.  Please reply to this email if you have any questions.
Dr. Tyler Dickenson will be leading the group tonight.  If your swimmer plans to participate in the sessions, have them plan to attend tonight as he will be going over correct form, etc.  Future sessions will be supervised by Board and Coaches.
Sessions will be once a week from 6:15 – 7:00.  We are trying to schedule these during HS home swim meets, when we have no access to the pool.  Schedule (Tues 22nd, Thursday 31, Thursday Feb 7, TBD after that)
Swimmers should be ready to go in the hallway by the pool entrance by 6:10.  We will walk over to the weight room together.  Pickup will be shortly after 7 pm at the pool entrance.
Go Sea Lions!